This is an Visual Studio.NET/ASP.NET question. I have ASP 3.0 development servers in a secure environment. The projects on them have been created using Visual Studio 6.0 and are under Source Safe control. When I attach to these projects using Visual Studio.NET (using VS.NET to work on the ASP 3.0 pages) it hijacks the project and starts creating global.asax files, bins and everything that the project needs for .NET pages to run (even though they can&#039;t cause the .NET framework isn&#039;t even loaded!). I haven&#039;t located any setting that allows me to stop this hijacking, so:<BR><BR>1. Does anyone know how to turn off this hijacking?<BR>2. Does anyone know for SURE that these additional files being added have no effect on the existing project? (There&#039;s no framework installed- but I&#039;ll guess this could be a server vulnerability as IIS don&#039;t know how to parse them).