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    Hi all,<BR>I am trying to create a message board similar to our ASP.Net Message board. But I am not sure of the logic, they have used for the indendation. It would be of greate help if anyone would tell me how to do this. I have questions like, should I have a table for complaints, then a seperate table for responses. If so, how to allign them when we post it back.<BR><BR>Hope you understand my question.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>pradeep

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    One option is to use an existing messageboard product. You can check out the system I&#039;ve been working on:<BR><BR>http://www.WebForumsSoftware.NET<BR><BR>(hint, hint: it will be offered for FREE soon... 100% FREE (with source code even!) So when the source is available (for FREE) you can check it out and figure everything out...)<BR><BR>Another alternative is to check out the source code for a classic ASP implementation, available at:<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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