Interfacing with ACT, possible?

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Thread: Interfacing with ACT, possible?

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    Default Interfacing with ACT, possible?

    Does anyone know for sure that there is no ODBC Driver for ACT2k (yes I searched their site, found nothing, just confirming with the group) and since there probably isn’t one anyone knows how I can interface with an existing DB. Maybe writing my own DLL using component references or something? (is there one you can buy) I know you can import and export records and this is how the client is currently doing things but they generate newsletters email list (spam) and some people want to unsubscribe and they have a field in act to say to or not to send emails, and this is the field that I want to update.<BR><BR>Any ideas..?<BR>

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    Default Write your own DLL?

    How do you interface to ACT normally, from either VB or C++?<BR><BR>If you can do that, then ignore ODBC and just write a small custom ActiveX control (DLL) that performs only the operations you need on the ACT db.<BR><BR>If you are competent at "talking" to ACT from VB or C++, it&#039;s really pretty easy.<BR><BR>

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    I believe ACT is based on a standard database, DB5? perhaps you can get an ODBC driver for this...

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