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    Biju Paul Guest

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    Does anyone know how to create a drop down menu navigation bar(like the one on Microsoft.com site) ? Is there any site that lists the source code ?

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    Simhan Guest

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    Just visit dynamicdrive.com and Iam sure you will get enough material on the subject<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>Simhan<BR><BR>simhan@3rdagenda.com

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    If you search on microsoft site they have a doc that will show you all the code necessary to do it, they even provide sample code. <BR>Its DHTML for the short answer, and you can simply look at teh source of their site if you want to see how it is done. They also use .js files for their script functions, so for those put whatever.js into your browser and you can download the code.

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    Go to HTMLGOODIES.COM there you have this, you may have to surf a bit before you can find it but it sure is there.

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    kailash Guest

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    goto Brainjar.com and download the toolbar script.<BR><BR>happy coding

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