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    Biju Paul Guest

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    I&#039ve turned on the logging feature of IIS and the log itself works ok. But the real problem is the time that is recorded inside the log file is not the local time. It is 9 hours behind. I&#039ve checked the Regional setting in the local machine and the Domain server and everything seems to be ok. The Log file modification time(recorded by NT) is correct though. For e.g. If I access a page at 10 a.m., the NT explorer shows the modification time of the log file correctly(10 a.m), but the time recorded within the log file is 1 a.m. I&#039m not sure where IIS gets this time from. Does anyone know ?<BR>

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    All 11 of our IIS servers are 7 hours off. I hate it, but no-one here seems to know anyway. One of these days I will get pissed off enough to burn a support call on it. If I ever do, I will post it here, I promise! Isn&#039t it a bummer, man? Throws me off every time . . . .

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    Biju Paul Guest

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    Someone recently told me that IIS uses GMT not local time and no one really knows how to make it record local time. You gotta thank Microsoft for making life so much easier!<BR><BR>Biju<BR>

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    Okay, I have found out that the resaon Microsoft did this was for sychronization of logfiles between servers in multiple time zones (which was a good reason, I admit that), but . . . also that it could be changed, but he did not know how.<BR><BR>So, now at least I know WHY it is like that. Also, using GMT is some standard deal for some TYPES of logfiles . . . I still would like to change it, and why can&#039t Microsoft make it so that it adjusts for the time zones differences WHEN you try to combine log file from different time zones, eh? That has to be the rarer case anyway.<BR><BR>The search goes on . . .

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