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    How would i convert this to go with asp...<BR>SQL = "select t.firstname, t.lastname, h.referenceno, a.valuedesc site, a1.valuename department,<BR>a2.valuename priority, h.callerphone phone <BR>from helpdeskcalls h, tech t, appvalue a, appvalue a1, appvalue a2 <BR>where <BR>t.firstname = firstname <BR>AND h.callcloseddate IS NULL<BR>AND a.valuetype = &#039;HO&#039;<BR>AND a1.valuetype = &#039;DE&#039;<BR>AND a2.valuetype = &#039;PR&#039;<BR>AND h.techid = t.techid<BR>AND h.siteid = a.valueid<BR>AND h.deptid = a1.valueid<BR>AND h.priority = a2.valueid<BR><BR>i know that you connect other lines with &_ but when i do it, it doesn&#039;t seem to compile.

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    I persoannly would not bother writing it out on several lines, but if you really, really want to:<BR><BR>SQL = "Select blah blah"<BR>SQL = SQL & "&#060;space&#062;More SQL blah blah.."<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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