Hi - there is an online forms application that sends auto-generated emails when a user fills out the form. The emails are always in the same format. Here&#039;s an example:<BR><BR>This message is to confirm that Kasidy Yates completed the Certification Test Results (test ID: 385738493) on 31 March 2002 at 3:50 AM with a score of 97%. (A passing score is 70%). <BR><BR>What is the best way for me to parse a message of this type? I want my code to read the message and do the following:<BR>Set a variable called name to "Kasidy Yates"<BR>Set a variable called ID to "385738493"<BR>Set a variable called Score to "97"<BR><BR>And so on. I am not asking how to actually read the email on the email server (which I&#039;ll probably do in Perl); I am asking how to parse the resulting text after I have downloaded the email from the server and used it to create a text file. Thanks you for your time.