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    I have a form runat=server on mypage. It&#039;s action is the same page, since I am collectin/validating some values. Once I am done collecting values I would like to send these values to an ISAPI exe/dll. I know I can use the response.redirect or the server.transfer and create the get string for the exe. ie response.redirect("process.dll?val1=" + val1 + "&val2=" + val2). <BR>This will be faking the GET method of the form. <BR><BR>Question : Can I submit the form values in a POST method instead of the GET, so that I will be calling process.dll and Posting the FORM VALUES. <BR><BR>Thank you very much. <BR><BR>/Evo

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    Default Depends on the DLL...

    If the DLL was written to handle POST, then sure. But if it was only written to handle GET, no way.<BR><BR>

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