Hi - I am fairly new to ASP and databases and have a situation that I need to solve quickly.<BR><BR>I have an ASP page that searches an ACCESS database by field subject from a drop down window(i.e. FirstName, LastName, Department, etc) and then the user types in the critea. Ok - simple enough. The problem I have is on the Results page.<BR>I want to be able to display only a few of the field (not all) and have a "CLICK FOR MORE INFO" link on each listing that a user can then click on and get sent to another page, which has ALL the fields with more detailed info.<BR><BR>So in essence if a user clicks on search by lastname and types in "Anderson" and clicks SUBMIT, I want the next page to list all the Andersons (firt name, last name, phone number, department, more info link) and then if the user clicks on more info - they go to another page which has all this info plus more that is formated neatly. Does this make sense?<BR><BR>I just dont know how to create the Link which takes them to the details page. Can anyonw here help or point me in the right direction? Thanks!!<BR><BR>calanderson@sierra.net