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    I have a form with several input boxes. When the user clicks a submit form this information from these boxes is used to query a database. If they click submit without filling out all the relevant boxes I would like to display a pop up message. They would click ok and it would return them to the original form so they can correct their mistake.<BR><BR>I have got this working as far as displaying the message box but when they click OK it dosen&#039;t return them to the original page so they can re-enter<BR><BR>can anyone help with how to do this????? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    can we see the code... maybe you may have missed out something

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    I guess you&#039;re doing something like calling your client-side Javascript validation function from the onclick event of the submit button, or the onsubmit event of the form.<BR><BR>Either way call your Javascript function like this:<BR><BR>onclick="return myValidator()"<BR><BR>Then in your function &#039;return false;&#039; if the form doesn&#039;t validate correctly. This will cancel the action (i.e. the submit).

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