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    I'm doing an Online Content Creation where I will let the user to enter say, for his name, image, details, picture and the htmlfilename he wants to store it. After entering this details an html page should be automatically created and saved or stored in his directory (or his site from where he running his first html page where I capture the details). After that he should be able to open the newely created page. How can I do this. Can any one give some code or guidence.

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    Try - I&#039;m SURE there are lots of systems which do this already.<BR><BR>However, if you want guidance...<BR>1) Create a page which takes all textual information<BR>2) Create a second page which takes all picture information<BR>3) Create page(s) which will store the files on the server, possibly in a temporary location. Use the above URL to find an object to help with this.<BR>4) Create page(s) which will parse a template file and replace tags with the information provided textually. You&#039;ll also want to replace some image tags with the correct ones for his files.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll need to look into:<BR>1) File upload components<BR>2) FileSystemObject<BR><BR>Craig.

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