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Thread: IF_THEN_ELSE: what's wrong here?

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    I get error with this IF, what&#039;s wrong?<BR><BR><BR>var stateWinX=DynAPI.document.all["Finestra"].getWidth()<BR>var stateWinY=DynAPI.document.all["Finestra"].getHeight()<BR>var operX=document.body.clientWidth<BR>var operY=document.body.clientHeight<BR> <BR><BR> If (stateWinX == operX)<BR> {<BR> stateWinX=operX<BR> stateWinY=operY<BR> }<BR> target.setWidth(stateWinX)<BR> target.setHeight(stateWinY)<BR>

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    Default JavaScript is CaSe SenSiTiVe.

    if(stateWinX == operX)<BR><BR>-Doug

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