Hello friends, <BR><BR>I have a list box (not a drop down) on top of page containing a list of part numbers. Below it is the part number details in the different form fields. what i want it to do is when i reach this page by default all the form fields should get populated with the values coresponding to the first part number in the list box(the list box will have focus on the first part number) then after i press a button called submit the second part number should get the focus and the page gets refreshed populating the form fields below with the details corresponding to the second part number and so on till i reach the last part number. <BR>The only thing i would like is that i should not exclusively select a part number from the list it should automatically get the focus and get selected <BR> I am able to get the below form fields auto populated with the values of the corresponding part numbers selected. but i am able to do this by exclusively selecting the part number from the list box and then pressing a button to show values. I do not want to select anything from the list box it should rather automatically select the part numbers one by one with each click on the button <BR><BR>thanks in advance