Hi,<BR><BR> This one has me stumped. I have a page with 2 grids. One grid has an edit (with update/cancel) button and a column of Ok buttons. If I click an OK button, it triggers the grid&#039;s ItemCommand event and processes correctly, but if I hit a page refresh it AGAIN triggers the ItemCommand (and still has the e.commandname set to "Ok "). The same weird thing happens if I do Edit/Update on a row and then refresh. I&#039;ll get a spurious call to Grid1_ItemCommand with e.CommandName="Update".<BR><BR> Please help with any thoughts or work-arounds. I added a hidden button with tabOrder=1 (and raised tabOrders on the grids) in case it was defaulting to the grid, but that didn&#039;t seem to have any effect.<BR><BR>Thanks very much,<BR>Deanna<BR>