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    I need to remove duplicate email addresses from a text file dynamically. I dont quite understand how to begin with the 1st email address to search for a duplicate, delete the duplicate, then go to email address #2 and do it all over again. Simple as that. Can anyone help actually write the code?? <BR>Thanks, Way in advance...............

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    Default E-mail me.

    This shouldn&#039;t take me very long. E-mail me and I&#039;ll let you know what it would cost. Once that is agreed upon, I&#039;ll write the script for you.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    You should look into the Scripting.Dictionary object, which allows you to store key/value pairs. For each email address, check to see if the address is already in the dictionary. if it is, then delete that line from the file, otherwise store the address in the dictionary.

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