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    I'm developing an Intranet for a company and thought I would link to some important folders on the LAN. However, this doesn't seem to work on the Mac's cause their OS file explorer is not compatible with the browser? Any suggestions how to solve this?

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    explain?<BR><BR>do you mean you&#039;re having links like &#060;a href="\serversharefolderfile.xtn"&#062;link&#060;/a&#062;?<BR><BR>well of course you can&#039;t do that. you can, however, install Services for Macintosh / Appletalk on the servers and just give the mac clients instructions on how to connect via their choosers, or alternatively you can leverage ASP to retrieve and deliver the files via HTTP rather than by dropping back out of the intranet. If you&#039;re developing an intranet, don&#039;t jump OUT of the intranet. keep it inside.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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