A need for multiple recordsets?

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Thread: A need for multiple recordsets?

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    Default A need for multiple recordsets?

    Hello all. <BR><BR>I have an Access database with multiple tables in it.<BR>I have a main source table called Horses, and many tables tied in with it, e.g. a table called Death, which lists death information about the horse (i.e. fields such as cause, date, etc.). I have many more tables stuctured like this, all properties of the Horse table. In any case, I&#039;ve built a relationship between the two. <BR><BR>My question is such. My asp page simply needs to print data from all these tables. What is the most efficient way to access all of these tables? Do I need to define a new recordset for each table I want to access? Or does the fact that they have a relationship formed in MS-Access save me that grief? I&#039;ve read up on Multiple Recordsets (on 4GuysFromRolla - which says Access may not support Multiple Recordsets) as well as Inner Joins (also on 4Guys). Is there any way other way to go about it? What is the best way? Please offer some guidance. <BR><BR>Thank you all!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default By "print data from all these tables" you mean

    individually <BR><BR>or <BR><BR>do you want to print all the data related<BR><BR><BR>as in <BR><BR>the horse1 details, its death....<BR>the horse2 details, its death....<BR>the horse3 details, its death....<BR><BR><BR><BR>if it is the former then you have to open a recordset at a time<BR><BR><BR>if it is the later then join all the tables.....

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