Hello everybody<BR><BR> Allow me to preface this question by saying I am relatively new to ASP programming. I have started with a company that already "invested?" in a Windows NT server so I have to develop this system as ASP pages. There might be something insanely simple I am missing here, buy I hope that someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.<BR><BR> For the redesign of my company&#039;s website, we are using XML data to communicate with our vendors. They have a system in place where we can send an XML string to them ( XML Request String ), and they respond with an XML string ( XML Response String). Originally I tested the system by writing a file to disk with the XML Request String, loading it and sending it to the vendor&#039;s URL. Below I show the code<BR><BR>&#039;load request string from file<BR>set request_data = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR>reques t_data.Open "GET", "http://www.mydomain.com/path/request.xml", False<BR>request_data.Send<BR><BR>&#039;send request to server and get response<BR>set xml_load = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR>xml_lo ad.Open "POST", "http://www.theirurl.com/servlet", False<BR>xml_load.Send(request_data.responseXML)<B R><BR> This code worked perfectly. The problem is I need this script to assign the values in the XML request string at runtime, using variables that are passed to the script. If I create a variable, I can write the string at runtime like this.<BR><BR>dim XML_request_string<BR>XML_request_string = "&#060;?xml version=&#039;1.0&#039;?&#062;" & _<BR>"&#060;XML_Availability_Submit&#062;" & _<BR>"&#060;Header&#062;" & _<BR>"&#060;UserName&#062;" & tdusername & "&#060;/UserName&#062;" & _<BR>"&#060;Password&#062;" & tdpassword & "&#060;/Password&#062;" & _<BR>etc...<BR><BR> then load it into a variable and post it to the remote server<BR><BR>set xml_request = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>xml_req uest.async = false<BR>xml_request.loadXML(XML_request_string)<B R><BR>set xml_load = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR>xml_lo ad.Open "POST", "http://www.theirurl.com/servlet", False<BR>xml_load.Send(xml_request)<BR><BR> However, If I include a !doctype line in the xml_request_string, it errors out. How can I include this line, because it is required by the system I am posting the data to.