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    please give what are all the main difference between HTML & DHTML

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    Dynamic HTML makes possible Web pages that can change (and even be animated) after they&#039ve been downloaded from a server, without the need for further communication from the server (server pushes and the like). A user clicks or rolls over something, and suddenly text changes size, color, or location; graphics disappear, animate, or move around.<BR><BR>Dynamic HTML is the combination of HTML, an improved Document Object Model, a new language called Cascading Style sheets (CSS) and familiar (though significantly enhanced) Javscripting used to create an interactive experience for the reader without additional server interaction, CGI scripts, or other network communications that won&#039t be made whole until it&#039s implemented by both Microsoft and Netscape sometime in the future. (In other words, cross coding for different browser types *IS* very much an issue with DHTML)<BR><BR>Hope this helps... Cheers!

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    Check out:<BR>http://www.go.com/WebDir/Computing/Programming/Web_programming_languages/DHTML_programming_language?lk=noframes&svx=related <BR><BR>There are some links to good DHTML pages! Have a great day, and happy programming!

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