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    On my web page it uses XML to store data for that session in the Userdata folder. When the userdata folder reaches a certain size they get an error that reads "The disk is full". So I created a script that will clean out the Userdata folder once that session ends.<BR><BR>My question is, If the user DOES NOT have a UserData folder and the XML files are being stored in the internet temp files directory, can they still get the error message "The disk is full"?<BR><BR>any help is appricated it.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Depends on your code, but I don&#039;t see why they would not still get the message "the disk is full"<BR><BR>Note that they would most likely only get that message when windows cannot write anything to the temp directory (IE: the c: drive is full) unless your code checks the size of the user directory

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