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    I know there may be some tutorials offered on this out there, but my question needs a little more fine tuning then what I&#039;ve found so far. My task is this:<BR><BR>I will have two drop down menus on my page. The first is a list of Ranches. The second is a list of Horses. By default, every horse in the Horses field of my db will be listed. However...if a user should select a specific Ranch (read out of the Ranch field of my Access db), I want my second drop-down menu to be populated with ONLY those Horses staying on that Ranch. I would prefer that the user NOT have to click the Submit button everytime he or she selects a Ranch, and rather, prefer that the Horses list automatically be refreshed once a Ranch is picked.<BR><BR>This sounds like Javascript would better handle a situation like this. But I&#039;m not quite sure how to tie it in with my ASP scripts and access db. Somebody, please please please help! Thanks in advance.

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    A rapid glimpse on what I&#039;d do to solve that:<BR>write a JavaScript function that writes the<BR>Horses drop-down, and call it with an "on select"<BR>call in the Ranches menu, with the correct parameters.<BR>I&#039;d even go to writing some VBScript into the JScript,<BR>just for commodity of use...;)<BR><BR>My quick 0.02€,<BR>Graz

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