hey guys ....<BR><BR>thought someone on here might know a little bit about creating zone records ...<BR><BR>I and using granitecaynon.com as a free DNS host. Problem is I have to actually create the zone records myself and I am running into some problems ....<BR><BR>Can someone tell me if you see something wrong in the following ....<BR><BR>whochad.com. IN A<BR><BR>whochad.com. IN RP nathan.oogaba.com. nathan.oogaba.com. ; EXTREF<BR><BR>localhost.whochad.com. IN A ; EXTREF<BR><BR>*.whochad.com. IN MX 10 mail.whochad.com. ; GLOBALOK<BR>whochad.com. IN MX 10 mail.whochad.com. ; EXTREF<BR><BR><BR>Thanks ....<BR><BR>Also, does anyone know of a free DNS host that DOESNT make you create your own zone records ... or a place where I can get my hans on some sample zone records