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    Default dsetzer....which editor?

    Hi Doug...<BR><BR>Caught the following line from a post you made 2 days ago...<BR><BR>" Man, I love color-coded editors. Jumped out like a screaming firefly..."<BR><BR>What editor do you use?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Default Depends on where I'm at...

    .. at work I (occassionally, and have gotten away from it) us Interdev because of it&#039;s SourceSafe integration. And, it&#039;s what "they" say I have to us. Fluck &#039;em.<BR><BR>.. at work I&#039;ve started to use EditPlus. It&#039;s small and fast as hell.<BR><BR>At home I use Allaire&#039;s (now Macromedia) Homesite. I almost stopped using it when I upgraded to W2K because the version I had was slow as ballz when it would read directories. But, a simple 11mb upgrade (over my poor 56k connection) fixed that right up. And, I&#039;ll use EditPlus when I don&#039;t feel like waiting for Homesite to load up.<BR><BR>Other than that, I&#039;ll end up in Notepad if I&#039;m standing at a server and need something quick and dirty.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Alternative suggestion

    http://fixedsys.com/context/<BR><BR>Best text editor I&#039;ve ever used. You can set up you&#039;re own custom syntax highlighters for any language you like which is pretty cool. Very small, very fast, very free.<BR><BR>Matt

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