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    Hi<BR><BR>I have a page which contains a riase your hand function...I also have a popup page <BR>that provides similiar function..given that the hand can be risen in both places, <BR>whenever I raise the hand in one page I must also raise it the other..<BR>This raise your hand function sets a flag in the Db. On the popup page, when an action is performed<BR>I reload the main page..however the main page tends to hold the original variable values.<BR>Basically...<BR><BR>main page - 2 images embedded in a href.<BR>&#060;a href =mainpage.asp?action=RaiseHand &#062;Raise&#060;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;a href =mainpage.asp?action=UNRaiseHand&#062;UnRaise&#060 ;/a&#062;<BR><BR>If I click raise hand here, it passes the action and the page refreshes.<BR>On the popup page I have the same tags, and when I click on 1, I update the DB and then reload<BR>the main;...howe ver, tha main page keeps onto the<BR>original if I raise my hand on the main page, then unraised it in the <BR>popup, which calls reload main, the main page reloads but the action is still set to <BR>Raise i.e. the original action on the main page...when you reload a page, does it reload the <BR>last values used by that page??<BR><BR>I know this is confusing, so please ask me questions...

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    Default Yes.

    It reloads it EXACTLY as it was.<BR><BR>Why not do:<BR> = &#039;thepage.asp&#039;;<BR><BR>That way you are specifically setting it without an action?<BR><BR>-Doug

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