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    hi <BR><BR>is it possible in asp to create a new folder by scripting and then dynamically add html pages to that folder.well let me tell u my exact requirement. i want to make a knowledge pool or knowledge bank sort of user can read the content(in form of html pages).now if a user want to add new pages in that bank he must submit html what i want is to create a new folder(topicwise) in case if a user submit any page on new topic and then want to save all the pages related to that topic in particular folder and then when one user want to view all content of a particular topic he must be given a link to that folder wherin he can this is my it possible using asp and if yes how.If no then any other suggestion to do this task.<BR>thanx<BR>nafisa

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    well, yes. of course it is.<BR><BR>you don&#039;t even need to install anything extra. look up &#039;filesystemobject&#039; on any reputable ASP site.<BR><BR>j<BR>htp:?/

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