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Thread: Problem with "run in Separate memory location" opt

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    We faced a strange problem in our project, where checking of "run in separate memory location" in IIS 4.0 and use of &#060;%@enablesessionstate=false%&#062; caused application to take lot of the time in the loading of the screen.<BR><BR>When we removed &#060;%@enablesessionstate=false%&#062; from the ASP it solved the problem. Could anyone throw light on this?

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    Just a hunch.....<BR><BR>When you set the checkbox to "run in seperate memory", do you also give the virtual directory a unique Application Name, or do you leave it blank?<BR><BR>If the virtual directory (ASP Application) is to run in seperate memory (isolated-process), you must give it an Application Name. Leaving the Application name "blank" may cause the virtual directory to inherit the process properties of the web server&#039;s root directory, which is likely set to run under the non-isolated memory, or in-process (inetinfo.exe process).<BR><BR>Keep in mind that all in-process (non-isolated) ASP Applications (virtual directories) run under the common "InetInfo.exe" process, including the web server&#039;s root application directory.<BR><BR>Whenever you create a distinct virtual directory that runs under seperate memory (out-of-process), a brand new "MTX.exe" process is created to manage the isolated work. IIS requires an Application Name for these out-of-process applications.<BR><BR>Also, check your RAM. When running isolated (out-of-process) applications, more RAM is typically needed to handle the additional processes (MTX.exe).

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