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    I am trying to url encode a query string and am not succeeding. here is what i have so far.<BR><BR>&Item=&#060;%= Server.UrlEncode("Item") %&#062;<BR>that is a part of my form where i pass this variable.<BR><BR>The variable show up fine when i print them to the page, but in the querystring i get this:<BR><BR>item=item. is there a way to get my real variable &#039;blue blanket&#039;

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    Default strings and variables

    ...<BR>strings need double quotes around them<BR>variables don&#039;t...<BR><BR>&Item=&#060;%= Server.UrlEncode(Item) %&#062;

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    You are actually telling it to encode the word "item". (this is indicated by the ""s around the word) <BR><BR>See how you go using.. &Item=&#060;%= Server.UrlEncode(Item) %&#062; - assuming you have already assigned a value of "blue blanket" for the variable [item].

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