Hello All,<BR><BR>I am new to COM so please bear with me. I created a .Net Assembly and compiled it for COMInterop. In order to provide users with platform independence and no need for the .Net framework I created a COM+ package and performed an application export to be used on clients (this worked well). Problem is when I had to move the application to a production server (only running the .Net Framework and not Visual Studio.Net) I exported the application from COM+ as a server package and installed it on the production server. Now no instances of the object can be created and I get a very obscure error:<BR><BR>Automation Error:<BR>Cannot Find Module<BR><BR>I have tried manually registering the dll (using regasm b/c its a .Net assembly) no luck. It seems as long as you compile the app using VS.Net it works fine on that machine, however I need it to work with only having the .Net Framework installed b/c of licensing issues with VS.Net.<BR><BR>Any leads or ideas would be much appreciated.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Brian