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    I have about 6 months of experience in ASP, and I am having difficulty with a seemingly simple task- maybe you can help me.<BR><BR>There is a value that is passed along in a query string- if it is null, nothing happens if it is "a" I want the default email application to open sending an email to, id the string is "b" I want it to send to ""<BR><BR>unfortunately when I use &#039;Response.redirect "" the entire browser window turns white.<BR><BR>I can use the Javascript Onload method because it involves throwing ASP variables into the body tag-<BR><BR>Can somebody help me?<BR><BR>Mark

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    Default Even if you could...

    ...response.redirect to a "mailto:" URL, what good would it do? None of the form info from the prior page would be sent along.<BR><BR>This would be *MUCH* better done in the first page of the set, with no ASP involved at all.<BR><BR>When the SUBMIT button on the form is pushed, at that time check your magic field for null/a/b and perform the appropriate action. Or do it when the magic field is changed, even.<BR><BR>Something like:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM Action="nextPage.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;SELECT name="choice" onChange="this.form.action=this.value;"&#062;<BR>& #060;OPTION Value="nextPage.asp"&#062; -- no mail --<BR>&#060;OPTION Value=""&#062; Joe<BR>&#060;OPTION Value=""&#062; John<BR>...<BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Submit&#062;<BR>&#060;/FORM&#062;<BR><BR>

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