So, how's the job market these days???

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Thread: So, how's the job market these days???

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    Default So, how's the job market these days???

    Non-techy question but one that may make for interesting discussion.<BR><BR>I have a pretty secure job that allows me to play with ASP, JS, SQL and so on -- but I&#039;m curious how the market is out there. Of course, we can all remember the days a couple years back when we could skip from job to job every six months with a 20-30% raise each time.<BR><BR>What I&#039;m wondering is if anyone has been out there looking and what the response has been like. I&#039;m in the Northeast(US) and it seems that things are a little slow. and the other job boards don&#039;t return a lot of listing for ASP, JS, XML and the like. Is this a good guage or is it that companies are tired of getting calls from recruiters when they list of a job search board?<BR>

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    Default I know a total of 11 people who are out of work an

    many have been for over 1 month. I have ASP/HTML/SQL/VB skills and have been doing testing for the last year because I can&#039;t find a fulltime development job. Things do seem to be getting slightly better (I have side work coming in) but my friends who are looking for full time are getting no responses to resume submissions and nobody will take phone calls. I&#039;m in the NE, most of the people I know are in New England, one is in NY. I hear things in the southern states and Cali are even worse. <BR><BR>Peek

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