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    Hi,<BR> First let me say I have read the faqs and I still am having problems. I&#039;m getting an "operation must use an updateable query" on inserts, updates & a "can&#039;t delete from specified tables" on deletes. I am not that experienced with IIS, so I&#039;ll explain what I&#039;ve done. In IIS under web sites-&#062;default web site I created a virtual directory. In the virtual directory&#039;s properties window under the virtual directory tab, I have checked read, write, script source access, and directory browsing (since this is a development machine). I have given script and executables for execute permissions. Similarly, the folder containing the databases has the same permissions. If anyone can tell me what I&#039;m doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it. I&#039;m sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks,<BR>Patrick

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    you need to set NTFS permissions on the folder from windows explorer, not IIS service manager. read the FAQs again. properly this time.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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