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Thread: 2 questions, regarding hitting back button and sub

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    I&#039;m the tech guy/support programmer for a small company. I didn&#039;t write the ASP code for our stuff, but its been handed down to me to handle this, and I&#039;m pretty much learning as I&#039;m going. Our marketing guy who deals with the clients has presented me with a couple problems and I&#039;m not sure how to handle them:<BR><BR>First, he wants it so that when filling out a form, hitting Enter does not submit the form, but goes on to the next blank or option or whatever. Apparently clients are filling out their forms, hitting enter after putting something in, then submitting their pages in error. I was under the mipression that this was an IE thing and just the way it handles forms, but maybe not? Is there a way to disable submitting things like that and sort of do what he wants?<BR><BR>Next, apparently clients are accidentally or somehow getting past the form without entering in all of the data (maybe its related to the above problem? :-) )....anyhow, he wants it so that when they hit back on their browser, it doesn&#039;t clear out what they had entered, but instead leaves it and lets them finish entering what they wanted to do. Can this be done as well? Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be of great help. Thanks!<BR><BR>Peter

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    well i might be able to help with the second problem <BR>set up validation for your froms <BR>example this is in javascript<BR>Create a function to validate all the fields that need to be entered if the fields are not blank or what ever the condition is return true if they are balnk return false and display an error message and set focus to the field.<BR>this is how i would approach this as for the rest of your question i can not help you i am just new to web development my self so take my advice with cation <BR><BR>

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