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    We have a mailing list of about 2,300 members of whom about 70% get the email in HTML format. The email contains the cinema showtimes for a week for a specified cinema.<BR><BR>The emails are sent from an admin screen where the person clicks on a link to send for eg the HTML emails for XYZ cinema, and then once they are gone, the text ones for XYZ cinema. All up there are about 90 cinemas.<BR><BR>The problem is, as the mailing list has grown, the time taken for the process has increased dramatically, to the point now where it takes about 9 hours and appears to slow down performance dramatically.<BR><BR>The process of the script is as follows:<BR>a)click on link to send HTML emails to XYZ cinema<BR>b)call sproc that queries the db for email addresses registered for that cinema<BR>c)start loop 1 (ie for each email address found)<BR>d) call sproc to get the cinema name and contact details<BR>e) call function that generates the email as follows:<BR>f) call sproc to get list of showing movies at that cinema for a day<BR>g) start loop 2<BR>h) for each movie gets its details: running time, subtitles etc<BR>i) for each movie on that day, loop through the records finding all the showtimes for that movie at that cinema on that day<BR>j) next movie<BR>k) end of function<BR>l) write the function results into the message body<BR>m) add email header etc and send the email<BR>n) next email address<BR>o) end<BR><BR><BR>I hope the above makes sense.<BR>What I&#039;m wondering is does anyone have some suggestions on how to improve this? Is CDONTS the best way to implement something like this or is there a better way to do it.<BR><BR>Some of the HTML format ones are quite heavy - circa 70K as some cinemas show twenty different movies a week, with up to a dozen showtimes per day.<BR><BR>Any suggestions much appreciated.<BR><BR>stuart<BR>

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    You need to use a different approach for this sort of quatities, this might help..<BR><BR>

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