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    Can anyone explain asp email that can be sent from user 1 to user 2 within the same site?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve already set up a page that sends email from an html/asp page. This sends mail directly to an established account like yahoo or hotmail and works fine and it uses ASPQmail. <BR><BR>What I want is for a registered user of the site to be able to send email from an asp page within the site(ex. to registered users within the site where they would have their own email accounts and email interface within the site when they sign up. So their mail would go from something like "" to "" or something like that. The point is that after they register with the site they would have their own email account within the site and receive their email there and not at yahoo or hotmail. <BR><BR>Can anyone get me started with an explaination or directions to information on how to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!!!<BR><BR><BR><BR>Kim

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    Instead of using email per se, couldn&#039;t you just set up a database where registered users could post messages to other registered users, so that when a user opens his "message" page, it contains a recordset of messages that apply to him/her?<BR>Sort of a spread out message board situation?

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