IIS Hanging on ASP pages, whats missing?

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Thread: IIS Hanging on ASP pages, whats missing?

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    Boss has rented a dedicated server but would not stretch to a server guy to look after it yet so I&#039;ve been thrown into the deepend with looking after it. So can you word your replys as server newbie as possible thanks!<BR><BR>The problem I have it went I&#039;ve running my ASP scripts on the server. If it comes across an error IIS just crashes, won&#039;t server html or anything. Only way of fixing it is to reboot. Now on other servers I&#039;ve worked on that have been setup for ASP this has never happened, I always get an error message or something and the server normally stay happy. So whats missing? What can I do to get the server to settle down and have some more manner when it meets an error? Any tips would be a god send. As any tips of optimising a server for ASP for beginners would be great too!<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Pete

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    You didn&#039;t mention the O/S but if it&#039;s win2k you can set IIS to auto-restart when is fails - this is under the service options. It&#039;s definetly not a long term fix, but will at least keep the server running without reboots.<BR><BR>I would guess that it&#039;s either a script hanging, i.e. 100% cpu usage (although normally recovers after 90 secs) or that IIS is running out of memory, I had this on NT4 where IIS would literally just stop after a period of time (i.e a month), this was caused by not closing objects opened on ASP pages.<BR><BR>You&#039;re best bet is to look through the IIS server logs, look at the W3CXX directory in /system32/logs, look at which pages were run prior to the failure, this might give you a clue, also event log might have application failures logged...

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