Hi all,<BR><BR>I am a web developer that has used classic asp for 4 years now to create web sites for magazine companies that take subscriptions on the net ( email newsletter subs too). My company and I are thinking of looking into ASP.NET since it&#039;s the wave of the future. I bought the book "ASP.NET unleashed" and have read most of it now. I am looking for opinions on some issues I have come across. <BR><BR>1.) ASP.NET (visual basic)looks like it is more coding than classic asp, is this true?<BR><BR>2.) ASP.NET is much more strict than Classic? I ran into some instances where I had radio button lists that were not required but threw up Object Reference errors when I tried to insert values of nothing. It also did this with checkboxes.<BR><BR>Any opinions from experienced .NET developers would be great, I am not sure if i am missing something or if these 2 points are the case.<BR><BR>thanks.