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    Can i copy a file form my machine(Client) to a web server using "CopyFile"

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    Hmmm, don&#039;t think it&#039;s quite that easy!<BR><BR>You&#039;ll have to use a component or find a home-grown solution (which don&#039;t tend to work well for larger files).<BR><BR>ASPUpload is a decent (but not free) component. I&#039;ve used ASPSmartUpload (free!) with OK results.

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    When a file is sent across the internet, it is *NOT* a file! <BR><BR>It&#039;s a stream of packets sent according to some protocol. It isn&#039;t, and shouldn&#039;t be, viewed as a file by the operating system.<BR><BR>Anyway... Aside from the upload components, there&#039;s a popular "free" way to do upload that you can find at<BR><BR>Fair warning, I think I found a bug in it the other day, but it&#039;s not a major one (I don&#039;t think you can send a &#060;SELECT ... MULTIPLE&#062; result along with the upload, as that code is written).<BR><BR>

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