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    Hi,<BR><BR>We have an ASP application with navigational bar at the top. Data from the database will be displayed at the bottom portion of the page. When the user selects the options and hits Submit button the application reloads the same page with new info.<BR><BR>This page takes lot of time to query, retrieve and display all information. We are planning to display "Loading data, please wait" message during that time. I tried creating a window using &#060;DIV&#062; tags and calling in onload event and then hiding after everything is loaded. But this is not helping much as the server-script script is taking lot of time and I think load event will not take place until server-side script is executed.<BR><BR>I really appreciate any suggestions/ideas.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    You were using the right approach, you must put the please wait before any table structures, ideally just after the &#060;body&#062;, then when the page has finished loading it will disappear, also make sure you have response.buffer not set to true.

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