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Thread: xml is too slow - why?

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    Default xml is too slow - why?

    Thanks on answers on my first question.<BR><BR>I have one more so if you know please help me:<BR><BR>when xml file on other site is large, my site loading can be very slow. Solution sugested to me is: "...in using an HTTP 1.1 compliant agent supporting on-the-fly GZIP compression - this would compress files as I download them ..."<BR><BR>How I can be sure am I using that agent, and how to install them?<BR><BR>Sorry on amater question, but i&#039;m just one step from start.<BR>Thanks on every help.<BR><BR>Karlo<BR>

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    Default XCeed Streaming Compression Library

    Read our review:<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20020311b.asp

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