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Thread: completely stumped.. FSO/word doc's

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    Default completely stumped.. FSO/word doc's

    I have a scenario here at work where we had a file server with some 3000 word documents on it. Each word document had been created with a template. Now, we moved all of those files to a different server, however, the template path is still "embedded" in the file "header" or some where. I need to put a new file path in there because everytime we open a document it goes searching for the old template path and it takes for ever to open. MS had some macro to do it that they sent another co worker of mine, but he dumped the email and he can&#039;t find the code and I only saw it once. From the looks of it, I had to manually enter each document name every time and I sure as hell wasn&#039;t going to do that 3000 times. SO I want to automate this. Is there any way to "open" the file and search for this string (path), replace that string and re-write the file?<BR>Thanks.. <BR><BR>btw, just in case you&#039;re wondering.. we&#039;ve tried every available option and we&#039;ve all come to the conclusion that this is the only way to solve the problem. All resources available for this failed.. this is our last shot.. Thanks for your input. <BR><BR>

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    Default "maybe"

    you can find something here. I didn&#039;t do an intensive search.<BR><BR> oolean=ALL&nq=NEW&so=RECCNT&p=1&ig=01&ig=02&ig=03& ig=04&ig=05&ig=06&i=00&i=01&i=02&i=03&i=04&i=05&i= 06&i=07&i=08&i=09&i=10&i=11&i=12&i=13&i=14&i=15&i= 16&i=17&i=18&i=19&i=20&i=21&i=22&i=23&i=24&i=25&i= 26&i=27&i=28&i=29&i=30&i=31&i=32&i=33&i=34&i=35&i= 36&i=37&i=38&i=39&i=40&i=41&i=42&i=43&i=44&i=45&i= 46&i=47&i=48&i=49&i=50&i=51&siteid=us/dev

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    Default Thanks ..but

    I spent about an hour trolling through a bunch of stuff and I couldn&#039;t find squat on it. <BR>I&#039;m hoping someone might have some info it.. :""Kodo

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