Hi there,<BR>I currently installed Office 2000 Pro including Access. Until this time, all databases I generated with Access 97 worked fine with IIS 4 and ASP. But when I open, convert and save an old Access97 database for editing, the ODBC driver tells me that the database is probably damaged. When I convert the Access 2000 database back to "prior version of Access" (there is no information which version!) and want to run an ASP script that accesses this database, I get a "Provider error &#039 80004005&#039 " in the line of my script where I try to get data from my database. Is there a known solution or do I have to install Access 2000 ODBC driver on the Server? If so, do I have access to Access97-DBs with this ODBC driver?<BR><BR>Thanks for your information!<BR>Gernot<BR>