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    khozema Guest

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    hello guys,<BR>i wish to know how can i use asp to populate data into a layer using dhtml and asp.<BR>for example a person selects an item &#039x&#039 from a drop down menu and clicks on next, it should show up another layer with all the populated data in another layer which is hidden initially.<BR>thanks. u could post your answer to this board or mail me directly on khozemak@awaaz.net

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    since the layer is hidden initially<BR>the layer would have to have the data<BR>populated when the page loads. The asp<BR>can simply write the code for the hidden<BR>element , then whenever you choose you can<BR>make this layer visible.<BR><BR>I have experimented with this but found<BR>the best approach to be a seperate layer<BR>that sends a query to an layer/ASP.<BR><BR>There&#039s some related articles on seperate<BR>layers / executing code at the DynamicDuo&#039s<BR>website at:<BR>http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/<BR><BR>hope this helps, If not post your code,<BR>It sounds like something I&#039d like to<BR>see or you can send it to:madcow@olg.com

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