Hi I am using a SQL 2000 Database server. I want to use XSLT to display the data from the database. But I am not sure how to get the XML string from the database directly. I downloaded SQLXML 2.0 tool kit and then got the records using the following codes.<BR><BR>Dim conPubs As SqlConnection<BR>Dim cmdSelect As SqlCommand<BR>Dim XMLTxtReader As System.Xml.XmlTextReader <BR>Dim StringBuilder As New StringBuilder()<BR>Dim XMLOutput As String<BR><BR>conPubs = New SqlConnection("Server=ecom1; uid=sa; pwd=; database=hbOwner")<BR>conPubs.Open()<BR>cmdSelect= New SqlCommand("Select BoatName from tblBoat for XML auto", conPubs)<BR> <BR>XMLTxtReader = cmdSelect.ExecuteXmlReader()<BR>StringBuilder.Appe nd(XMLTxtReader.GetRemainder.ReadToEnd)<BR>XMLOutp ut = StringBuilder.ToString()<BR>Response.Write(XMLTxtR eader.ToString())<BR><BR><BR>But this is not returning anything. So briefly. my question is. How do u build an XML string and pass it to an ASP.Net page. do we need to use MSXML parser and build the elements, etc. Please give me an idea to do this.