HOW TO USE RDO in an ASP page!

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Thread: HOW TO USE RDO in an ASP page!

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    Default HOW TO USE RDO in an ASP page!

    A Colleague of mine figured this one out, and I had to post this as we could not find anything in MSDN or on the Web to help us with this.<BR>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^<BR>This is used to connect to a DB2 database using the StarQuest Driver.<BR>*************************************** ************<BR>&#060;%<BR>Set m_oDB = CreateObject("MicrosoftRDO.RdoConnection2.0")<BR>S et oRecordSet = CreateObject("MicrosoftRDO.RdoQuery2.0")<BR>Set rdoE = CreateObject("MicrosoftRDO.RdoEngine2.0")<BR> <BR>sConnect = "DSN=yourDNSname;UID=yourUIDhere;PWD=yourPWhere;"< BR>Set m_oDB = rdoE.rdoEnvironments(0).OpenConnection("", 1, False, sConnect)<BR>&#039;Your can call a select statement here or just a stored procedure like the example here <BR>strSQL = "CALL SYSPROC.RETURNPRICE(VARIABLE_1,VARIABLE_2,VARIABLE _3,VARIABLE_4)"<BR><BR>Set oRecordSet = m_oDB.OpenResultset(strSQL, 3)<BR><BR>If (False = (oRecordSet.BOF And oRecordSet.EOF)) Then<BR> While (Not oRecordSet.EOF)<BR> &#039;Process the result set here.<BR> Response.Write oRecordSet(2)<BR> oRecordSet.MoveNext<BR> Wend<BR>Else<BR> Response.Write "Sorry"<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR>********************************* ******************

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    Default For future reference

    If you use regedit.exe and search for something like "RDO", you will eventually find the class id aliases needed for CreateObject.

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