need to increase performance of stored querying numerous counts from numerous audit trail tables(very large) using a temp table in a stored procedure to hold the already using OPTION (KEEPFIXED PLAN)....all possible indexes have been using the following query repeatedly except for different audit tables, searching for inserts, updates, and deletes<BR><BR><BR>Update #TempWorkload Set<BR> temp_statement = (Select count(mpr_last_updated_id) From dbo.MPRS_MPR_Statement_Audit <BR> Where mpr_last_updated_id = temp_id<BR> And audit_action_txt = &#039;I&#039;<BR> And Audit_dt Between @from_dt And @through_dt)<BR> WHERE temp_action = &#039;insert&#039; <BR><BR>temp_id is id of #TempWorkload(temp table created in SP)<BR><BR>any suggestions on how to rewrite query(ies) or other.....thanx<BR>