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    Hey Guys,<BR>I have a login page in asp called login.asp( with an access database at the backend).this login page has two textboxes for user to enter username and password.once user enters these fields it authenticates via the access database,and with a sucessful login it directs user to a secure page-(secure.asp).<BR>To ensure that the page is secure and that you can only access to it from the login page .In the login.asp I have an if statement that says if everything is okay ie <BR>Session("Allowed")="Yes" then redirect to the secure page<BR><BR>Now in the secure page-secure.asp I have this code at the beginning of the page<BR>&#060;%<BR>If Session("Allowed") &#060;&#062; "Yes" THEN <BR> response.redirect("login.asp")<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>All this works perfectly cannot get to the securepage unless you have been authenticated from the login page.<BR>Now my question is this, On the secure page I have a list of certain inforamtion and hperlinks .<BR>one of the links is called password update. this is link to a password update page where user can update his password. so If user clicks on this link called password update it takes user to an asp page for user to update password. when user finishes updating his password it directs use to confirmation page saying your password had been successfully updated. <BR><BR>Now I would like the user to be able to go back to that secure page called secure.asp that he started originally from(he had left the secure page by clicking on the password update button link found in the secure page)<BR><BR>My question again is how do i get the confirmation page to be also able to access the secure page..<BR>As it stands now only the login.asp can acess the secure.asp page .but I also want the confirmation page to access the secure.asp page.<BR>On the confirmation page I tried putting a hperlink to the secure but when you click on the hyperlink it forces you /brings up the login.asp page.<BR>I rekon its because of the <BR> &#060;%<BR>If Session("Allowed") &#060;&#062; "Yes" THEN <BR> response.redirect("login.asp")<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR>Graphical representation<BR><BR><BR>login.asp &#062; secure.asp<BR>secure.asp &#062; passwordupdate.asp &#062; confirmationpage.asp<BR>I want the confirmation page to take me back to the secure page<BR>does any know presciely how I can code this <BR>regards,<BR>Iffy<BR>

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    As long as you make sure that you can&#039;t get to the password update page without logging in, you should be fine. Put your session check<BR>&#060;%<BR>If Session("Allowed") &#060;&#062; "Yes" THEN <BR>response.redirect("login.asp")<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>at the top of the confirmation page as well, and only let users in who are logged in. Since the session variable will be set, any users who change their passwords should be able to redirect to the secure page, right? The session variable won&#039;t lose it&#039;s value.

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