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    Hi <BR><BR>I am posting this question in Advance section because I would like to know the answer from someone who has done that before maybe somebody of the level of Bill Wilkinson who can give me a concrete answer.<BR><BR>I have thousands of records getting populated into a MS Access Database through Forms in ASP. I would like to transfer all this Data into both a company Legacy System and Oracle at one shot. Is this error free way to transfer all data using ASP alone . I think I have to do something called Batch Processing but how reliable would it be? <BR>Would it be advisable to create COM components for this Job ?<BR>Maybe the Company system backend database is informix.<BR><BR>Any good idea would give me light<BR><BR>Thank you in advance<BR>Regards<BR>ASP Intermediate

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    Default something called batch processing.. ?! ; )

    When you say transfer data into a company "legacy system", do you mean simply send a flat file to the host system or are you talking about performing the actual update to an IMS or DB2 database? What legacy system? OS/390? What database and version?<BR><BR>Also, what platform is the Oracle db on(i.e. - UNIX, W2K,VMS, etc)? How often do you want to do the updates? Want process automated?

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