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    I know that when I compile a .NET .dll a manifest is created, and, that manifest contains information which describes the underlying assembly tot he CLR... am I right so far?<BR><BR>O.K., so I create HelloWorld.vb and compile it into an assembly using the VB compiler:<BR><BR> vbc /t:library HelloWorld.vb /r:System.dll<BR><BR>Where do I go to find the METADATA relating to that assembly, for instance:<BR><BR> - &#060;major version&#062;<BR> - &#060;minor version&#062;<BR> - &#060;build number&#062;<BR> - &#060;revision&#062;

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    Default Use ILDASM

    Microsoft includes a tool in the .NET Framework called ILDASM.exe. Run this file. YOu can open an assembly and it will disassemble it for you. One of the things you can read is the Manifest (double click it to see it&#039;s values).<BR><BR>If you&#039;re wanting to do this programmatically, you&#039;ll have to look into the classes within the System.Reflection namespace.

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