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    Greetings fellow ITers,<BR><BR>My name is Brian; I’m a college student playing around with Internet Information Services in my free time. I have a quick question regarding networking and IIS with Windows XP.<BR><BR>I am one of four computers networked behind a D-Link DI-713P router running Windows XP Professional with a Linksys wireless USB network adapter. We currently use Charter Pipeline as our cable modem Internet service provider.<BR><BR>My internal IP address is Let’s say my external IP address is, and my domain name servers are and My computer name is bchambers.<BR><BR>What steps do I need to take for me to be able to access the web that I have created and placed into my C:Inetpubwwwroot directory (yes, I realize that I have a dynamic IP address and I will have to find and enter my IP every time I want to access my web)?<BR><BR>My biggest problem is how to convert my external IP to my internal IP. For example, the user wanting to visit my web types in, and somehow the router needs to convert that IP to I have tried to set up a virtual server using my router configuration utility using port 80 and server IP (I have also tried another number, such as<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thank you very much for your time,<BR>Brian Chambers

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    Default Your router might support...

    ..NAT translation. If it does, you need to configure it so that HTTP requests (using port 80) that come in for are translated to<BR><BR>You also have to make sure if the router contains a firewall that it is configured to allow inbound requests.<BR><BR>-Doug

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