Greetings. Just doing my first serious ASP.NET app and enjoying it (mostly). The problem I have is a simple one, but I can&#039;t seem to nail it. Hope you can help.<BR><BR>I have Wizard type interface where each page consists of a few simple controls (databound listboxes, combo boxes etc.)<BR><BR>To navigate back and forward through the pages of the "wizard" I have "&#060;&#060; Back" and "Next &#062;&#062;" buttons which have code behind them like: ... server.transfer "pagename.aspx", true ...<BR><BR>However, when I use these buttons to return to pages I have already made selections on, the selections are lost. If I just click "Back" in the browser the values are there. All the databinding is is done within <BR><BR>the page load event and within a "If Not IsPostBack Then" statement. I looked at using the ViewState....<BR><BR>I thought I had read the ASP.NET can do this sort of state management automatically.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Fergal